Laser Hair Removal vs Waxing


There are many methods to remove unwanted hair on your body, such as tweezing, shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal. Each is done differently with different tools. Of course they also yield different results.

Today we’re going to discuss two of the most popular methods, which are waxing and laser hair removal. These two methods are typically used to remove large amounts of hair on specific areas on your body.

However, questions arise regarding which one works best. To help you decide, we’re going to discuss and compare the pros and cons of each method, including how they work, the results, and many more.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Firstly, you need to understand how each method works. Laser hair removal is an aesthetics procedure that uses laser beams  to remove unwanted body hair. Concentrated beam of lights targets and damages the hair follicles in order to prevent any further new hair growth.

This process is repeated over several procedures to obtain maximum hair reduction. With every procedure, fewer and fewer hair will grow back, leaving you with smooth and hairless skin for months, even years.

How Waxing Works

The process of waxing uses hot wax, an applicator, and a fabric strip in order to remove hairs from your body. An applicator is used to apply the wax to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. Then, a strip of fabric is applied on top of the wax in the same direction as the hair growth. Then, the strip of fabric is quickly yanked off in the opposite direction as the hair growth.

This technique pulls your hair from the follicle. The follicle will still remain below your skin. Your skin shall remain smooth only for several weeks, which means you will need to wax the same area again to remove new hair growth.

Comparing Laser Hair Removal and Waxing

Now let’s compare these two hair removal methods in various factors.

1. Who is suitable?

In normal circumstances, anyone with any type of skin is suitable for waxing treatment.

This, however, is not the case for laser hair removal. Since the lasers target the pigment in the hair follicle, this procedure is ideal for people with paler skin and darker hair colour. The contrast is vital for the procedure to work optimally. People with light-coloured hair or darker skin should consult with a  laser therapist like us first prior to getting the treatment.

2. Which one hurts the most?

Waxing can be very painful in sensitive areas of your body. Also, waxing simply pulls the hair from the follicle, which means it will eventually grow back. And that means you need to redo the procedure in a shorter range of time.

Laser hair removal pain is often described as having a rubber band snapped to your skin. Sometimes the therapist will also apply numbing cream to minimise the pain. The process is relatively quick depending on the amount of hair and the thickness of the skin. The first session usually hurts the most, but the sessions after that will hurt less since there are fewer hairs to destroy.

3. Damage to the skin

Waxing might cause long-term damage to the skin if the wax is too hot or if the pulling technique is done at the wrong angle.

Laser hair removal, when done properly by an experienced therapist, will never damage the skin. However, you can expect minor side effects such as skin redness or swelling, which usually resolve after a couple of hours.

4. Risk of ingrown hairs

Since waxing pulls the hair in the opposite direction of the follicle, it can cause abnormal hair regrowth. This leads to a proliferation of ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal will not cause ingrown hairs since the lasers destroy the follicle and prevent regrowth for an extended period of time.

5. How long does it take?

Waxing will give you instant results. Laser hair removal typically takes more time to work since you need multiple sessions to get rid of hairs in one area completely.

6. Which cost more?

At a glance, waxing seems to be the cheaper option compared to laser hair removal. However, the results of waxing must be maintained monthly which can definitely add up over the course of a year.

Laser hair removal has a higher cost on your initial treatment. But since laser hair removal requires less periodical maintenance, it becomes a less expensive method for the long run.

7. How’s the result?

Both waxing and laser hair removal will leave your skin smooth and hairless when the procedure is done properly.

However, waxing needs monthly touch-ups to maintain maximum results. Whereas laser hair removal will give you a near-permanent result. After you’ve gone through all the required number of sessions, you can rest hairless for months, even years.

In conclusion, we recommend laser hair removal over waxing. It is less costly for the long-term, safer, and you can enjoy your hair-free life for a longer time.

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