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Laser Hair Removal Cost in Singapore

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses pulses of focused light beam (lasers) to destroy the hair follicle, resulting in near-permanent prevention of hair regrowth. In other words, it is the most effective method to remove unwanted hairs on your body for a very long time.


Though laser hair removal might cost more than other methods such as waxing or shaving, many people deemed it as a beauty investment. Over time, specifically when treatments are no longer needed, you might be able to save money on body hair removal costs.


In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly how much laser hair removal costs in Singapore, and what are the cost factors.

Different Laser Types Used in Laser Hair Removal

One of the reasons why laser hair removal is costly is because it uses complex machinery and new technology. Moreover, there are different types of lasers being used, such as:

  1. Alexandrite Laser: This type of laser has a shorter wavelength, making it able to treat a larger skin area faster. It is safe and effective on a wide range of skin types.
  2. Ruby Laser: This laser is best used for individuals with light, fine hair and fair skin. Compared to other laser types, the Ruby laser only covers a smaller area of skin at a time. It is also one of the oldest types of laser used in laser hair removal.
  3. Diode Laser: This laser type is one of the most commonly used lasers today. Compared to the others, Diode laser has a longer light wavelength and faster repetition rate, which means it can treat large areas quicker.
  4. Nd:YAG Laser: One advantage of this laser is that it uses the longest wavelengths out of all four lasers, meaning it has the most potential to destroy hair at the very bottom of the shaft. However, treatments with this laser can also be more painful and less effective on fine hair.

The Cost Factors

Besides the laser machine being used, there are also other factors that can affect the cost of laser hair removal procedure, such as:

The number of sessions you’ll require may also be determined by your hair. Coarse hair takes longer to remove and necessitates more sessions. People with light and fine hair, on the other hand, will need to spend less money on sessions since their undesired hair will be gone sooner.

The size of the treatment area. The laser may be used on any part of the body except the eyes. Smaller regions, such as the pubic region, take less time to complete than more extensive areas, such as the legs, chest, or back. Other smaller areas, such as your upper lip, armpit, or chin, will also cost less to treat because they do not take as much energy or effort. Larger portions, such as the legs, would be charged at a greater rate.

Each clinic has its own set of standards, including the staff’s expertise, equipment, and all of its complimentary services.

Your therapist will usually determine the number of sessions required, after which you will learn how much money you will need to pay. If they still do not offer you an estimate, it is best to inquire about it before the start of therapy.

Laser Hair Removal Cost for Each Body Part

Laser hair removal cost in Singapore is varied based on which body part you’re doing the treatment on. Below we shall break down the cost for each body part in detail based on the services cost by Best Beauty Aesthetics. These prices are in SGD and are meant as price per session.

1. Face

The laser hair removal cost for the facial area is different between men and women.

Face laser hair removal cost for men

Face laser hair removal cost for women

2. Neck, Shoulder, Chest, and Stomach

These are the laser hair removal costs for chest area including the stomach and full frontal area of the body.

For men

For women

3. Arm & Underarm

These are the laser hair removal costs for the underarm area, which are the most common treatment our customers seek for.

For men

For women

4. Back

These are the laser hair removal costs for the back and lower back area.

For men

For women

5. Pubic area, Bikini line, and Buttocks

These are the laser hair removal costs for the pubic area or bikini line, and buttocks. Removing hair on these delicate areas are important, whether for men and women.

For men

For women

6. Legs

These are the laser hair removal costs for the leg area.

For men

For women


In conclusion, removing any excess or undesirable hair will leave you feeling lovely, and removing these strands of hair through laser hair removal treatment should provide you with clear skin as well. If you are troubled by the growth of unwanted body hair, Best beauty Aesthetics laser hair removal is the solution.

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